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Conventions have been a big part of the simming and online role playing community for more than 25 years. Held at various times throughout the year, they provide unique opportunities for players from multiple clubs to come together to share information, ideas, and energy. All four conferences below are open to all simmers and online role players, regardless of rank or group affiliation.


SciWorld is the oldest simming convention still in existence today. It was the brainchild of the Online Simulations Association’s Ender Maki, but was quickly adopted by the Simming League during the early planning phases of the first event.

  • Official name: SciWorld Online Convention
  • First held: 1999
  • Typically held: Spring
  • Current sponsor: The Simming Hub
  • Website: SciWorld/FallFest


FallFest is the second oldest simming convention still in existence today. It was originally conceived of by Independence Fleet’s Charles Star as a mini-SciWorld more conducive to European time zones, but it later grew to mirror SciWorld.

  • Official name: Simming Fall Festival
  • First held: 2011
  • Typically held: Fall
  • Current sponsor: The Simming Hub
  • Website: SciWorld/FallFest


Originally launched as Project Khitomer by Bravo Fleet, Obsidian Fleet, and Pegasus Fleet as a one-time event, the founding trio decided to make it a recurring annual conference after the first one concluded.

  • Official name: Khitomer Conference
  • First held: 2019
  • Typically held: February
  • Current sponsors: Obsidian Fleet & Pegasus Fleet
  • Website: Khitomer Conference


BaCon was originally launched by RPGWriting, Split-World Alliance, Theta Fleet, and Zodiac Fleet with the intent to equally feature both chat and voice events.

  • Official name: The Babel Conference
  • First held: 2021
  • Typically held: January
  • Current sponsors: RPGWriting, Sim Central, Split World Alliance & Theta Fleet
  • Website: The Babel Conference