Simming League Historical Society

Celebrating the online role playing community since 1997


Official logo, date unknown

The Simming League has existed in various forms over the years. Originally founded in 1997, the League often characterized itself as “the United Nations of role playing” during this era. The League was a distinctly political entity with individuals from its member role playing clubs serving as Senators. Various staff positions also existed, most notably a President and a Court of Simming Justice Chief Magistrate. The League provided multiple services to the community, including the SciWorld Online Convention, the Tournament of Simulations (ToS), and the Secouria Academy.

The United Nations model ended in 2007 when final League President Tom Ryder-Morgan-Farr resigned. Four-time President and three-time Vice President Chas Hammer then assumed the role of Simming League Administrator with a smaller focus for the organization as a community hub built around the Simming Encyclopedia (SimEnc) wiki, which had previously been established by the League in 2005.

The Simming League officially closed its doors in 2012 by transferring all remaining operations to Ongoing Worlds.