2020 Simming Prize Winners

Kathryn Burke of Theta Fleet

An icon of Theta Fleet, having served there since its earliest of days right up through the present, Kathryn Burke has grown the club into a simming powerhouse featuring an extremely diverse set of games.  She has also been extremely active at the community level, doing everything from hosting events to promoting common causes to supporting others from behind the scenes.  Her helpful presence is one we all can emulate.

Memory Theta

One of the best role plays on the net today, Memory Theta excels in all aspects of simming.  From deep character development to intricate plot devices to taking the unexpected turn, this crew always keeps things interesting.  Their commitment to excellence has been recognized many times over, most recently by taking home top prize at the Tournament of Simulations.

‘Souls RPG

Due to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021, ‘Souls RPG is a unique role playing club set in a post-apocalyptic world extinct of humans but featuring a variety of canid packs and bands.  A truly immersive culture, their real-time simming has led to a deep club lore and an extremely vivid original tale.  Few clubs reach the depth of story found here, much less one that doesn’t follow a well known franchise.

5th Fleet

A relative newcomer in the simming world, 5th Fleet really found their footing over the last year.  Not striving or desiring to become a mega-club like so many others, their small size allows them to focus more resources at the sim level and to give all players a greater say in club matters.  Finally, their inclusive culture also gives rise to organic story development and a deep enjoyment of the game.  


A true unicorn in the community today, USF still focuses mainly on chat-based role playing while almost all others exist exclusively in the play-by-post arena.  The unique style is just as fresh as ever while remaining true to its AOL roots and 1995 founding.  Their longevity is a living testament to the community atmosphere, and their dedication to the craft that is evident in each chat session.